Centre for Women's Studies

Year of Establishment: 2001

The Centre was started in the year 2001 to mark "Women Empowerment Year". Objective of the centre is to promote women's studies to translate the component of empowerment of women. Centre is designed to act as catalysts for promoting and strengthening women's studies through teaching, research, curriculum field and extension work training and continuing education etc. Centre is planning to work, in the area of equality, economic self-reliance, girls education, health, women rights, laws, social exploitation and awareness activities etc.

Aims and objectives

  1. Conduct outreach programs by organization of sensitization and awareness programs for women (faculties, female students and campus residents). The topics proposed to be covered include burning social issues (such as dowry, female feticide, domestic violence and sexual assaults), women rights and legal protection, importance of value based education, lifestyle disorders in working women and sexual harassment at workplace.?
  2. Opening of counseling centers for women to cater to their psychological, career, legal, health and nutritional needs.

  3. To conduct development programs for personality development, stress management and self-defense of women.

  4. Introduce women-related academic programs like PG diploma courses and short term elective courses for science and arts students in women studies. Introduction of gender sensitization modules in curricular areas of higher education for creation of a society sensitive to values of culture and social discipline, conduct studies on tribal women with emphasis on cross cultural perspective development, development of standard text books on women studies, compilation of database on research activities of female faculty of the university and documentation of research work done on issues related to women of Chhattisgarh.