UIPC of PRSU University


Constitution of UIPC
  • The vision committee of the University recommended the formation of University Industry Partnership Council (UPIC) as an advisory body of the University in the year 2012.
  • The UPIC was constituted under the chairmanship of Honorable Vice Chancellor Prof. S. K. Pandey.
  • The UIPC comprises of Academicians, Eminent people from the city having interest in promotion of Higher Education in the state and the Leaders of Industry of Raipur region (under jurisdiction of Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University).   


Strive to excel as a forum as partners in the University education system by promoting collaboration between university and industry for imparting quality education and employability skills among the youth for socio economic development.


To act as a catalyst to promote collaboration amongst academicians, scientists, thinkers, and entrepreneurs to achieve competitiveness in developing the skilled man power, promote collaboration in research, training and interaction to prepare employable students and researchers for mutual benefits.

Objectives of UIPC
1. To suggest launching of new degree, diploma and certificate courses looking at the emerging and prospective demand of the industry under present global scenario.
2. To review and reshape syllabus of professional courses keeping in mind the needs of industry and society with due approval by the respective Board of Studies.
3. To plan special training programs and development programs for the executives at regional level.
4. To suggest improvement in examination system and performance evaluation system.
5. To list entrepreneurs and executives from industry willing to be guest and part time faculty members in professional courses and training programs
6. To facilitate internship and practical training for the students of professional courses in their premises.
7. To guide project reports of students and research scholars.
8. To provide sponsorship of studies and research projects to the University by the Industry.
9. To arrange joint seminars and workshops.
10. To create joint awareness programmes on burning social issues