SC/ST, OBC And Minority Cell - About

SC/ST Cell


The SC/ST Cell was established in the university to co-ordinate with the university authorities in the implementation of the various policies and program’s launched by the State Government and the UGC for the benefit of the SC/ST students and employees. It also undertakes the activities to develop awareness among the SC/ST students especially from the rural areas. The members of the cell are actively engaged in coordinating and solving the problems in matters of admissions/appointments and resources utilization in the university. They also announce details of government scholarships and fellowships through circulars to the SC/ST students. The Cell concentrates on the implementation of the rules of reservation in student's admission and appointments in teaching and non-teaching position as well as monitoring the prevention of atrocities against the laid down groups. The cell aims at providing educational opportunities to those, who are economically and socially deprived, in the higher education institution.


The purpose of these Cells is to help the university in implementing the reservation policy with regard to the admission of students and the recruitment of teaching and non-teaching staff at various levels. Its function is also to help the SC/ST categories to integrate with the mainstream of the university community and to remove difficulties, which they may be experiencing.


Objectives of the SC/ST Cell

i.        To implement the reservation policy for SCs/STs in the University.

ii.      To collect data regarding the implementation of the policies in respect of admissions, appointments to teaching and non-teaching positions in the University and analyse the data showing the trends and changes towards fulfilling the required quota.

iii.    To take such follow up measures for achieving the objectives and targets laid down for the purpose by the Government of India and the UGC.

iv.    To implement, monitor and evaluate continuously the reservation policy in university and plan measures for ensuring effective implementation of the policy and programme of the Government of India.

Minority Cell

The Minority Cell basically helps minority students for their academic development.

Objectives of Minority Cell

1. To motivate the students to avail the benefits of various schemes of state andcentral government available for minority community.

2. To communicate the students, employees and teachers of the minority community that there will not be any discrimination on the basis of their religion.