Azad Boys Hostel

About Us

The University provides hostel facilities to its regular students. Only those students who live outside Raipur are eligible to take admission. In case of number of candidates exceeding the available seats then admission is given according to merit.


Currently, there are two hostels in the University Campus for boys, GANDHI HOSTEL and AZAD HOSTEL. The atmosphere of the hostel is simply marvelous. There is a proper cooperation and coordination among the residents. Mess is run by the students, which provides sumptuous meal. Students can study properly with happy mind and body in an atmosphere similar to their home. The major benefit of the hostel is that as it is situated within the University Campus there is no problem for the students to reach their respective Departments. And if they face any difficulty, they can discuss it with the Warden.

Fee Structure of Hostel:

Admission fee & Id Card : 50 Rs / year.
Caution Fees : 200 Rs /year
Additional fees : 60 Rs /year

Seat Fees :

Single Seat Room: 100 Rs /Month
Double Seat Room: 90 Rs / Month
Hostel Maintenance Fees: 250 Rs / Month
Fees for Extra curricular Activities : 50 Rs / Year
Fees for Electricity & Water Supply Usage : 60 Rs / Month