Centre for Women's Studies

Symposia / Workshops

S.No. Title Category Convener Date/Year Details
1 One Day Programme on Alternative Therapy in Day to Day Life Seminar Prof. Reeta Venugopal 2023-05-30 -
2 One Day Workshop on Stimulating Social Responsibility through Community Engagement in H... Workshop Prof. Priyamvada Shrivastava 2023-04-29 
3 National workshop on Suposhit Mahila Sahakt Samaj in collaboration with National Commis... Prof. Priyamvada Shrivastava 2022-09-14 
4 One day programme on National Girl Child Day Workshop Prof. Reeta Venugopal 2023-01-24 
5 One day workshop on Gender sensitization Workshop Prof. Priyamavda Shrivastava 2022-12-21 -
6 National Seminar on Bio-Psycho-Social Issues of Sports Women in collaboration with Nati... Seminar Prof. Reeta Venugopal 2022-11-14 
7 National workshop on Suposhit Mahila Sahakt samaj in collaboration with National Commis... Workshop Prof. Priyamavda Shrivastava 2022-09-14 -
8 Awareness programme on Step up Breastfeeding : Educate and support in collaboration wit... Workshop Prof. Reeta Venugopal 2022-08-06 
9 International Women's day celebration in collaboration with NSS, State Women Commissio... Workshop Prof. Reeta Venugopal 2022-03-08 
10 Discussion on when and how action should be taken in Police Station, Court and Women's ... Workshop Prof. Reeta Venugopal 2021-08-16 -