Directorate Of Physical Education

The directorate of Physical Education is created since inception of Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur. It regulates entire games and sports activities in all the University Teaching Departments and the Colleges affiliated to the University subject to the provision of the University Act. It mainly organizes and sends the Team representing this University for various Zonal and All India Sports competitions / Events as per schedule prescribed by the Association of Indian Universities and approved by the Sports Committee which is constituted as per Ordinance 40of the University Act.

-: List of Faculty Members :-

S.No. Name Email ID Contact View
1 Dr. Vipinchandra Sharma (On deputation) [email protected] 9826639161 View
2 Mr. Gaya Prasad Purena 7773849800 View
3 Mr. K. K. Choudhary 9329608012 View
4 Mr. Amresh Shukla 7447038000 View
5 Mr. Mohan lal Diwan [email protected] 8770953095 View
6 Mr. Upendra Yadav 9179353404 View
7 Mr. Shivram Vishwakarma 9907021566 View
8 Dr. Ravindra Kumar Mishra [email protected] 9630000711 View
9 Mr. Rajesh Sona View

-: Information Regarding Sports Committee and Achievements of Physical Education :-

S.No. Title Upload Date File
1 Sports Achievement (Session 2019-2020) 16-02-2021
2 Sports Achievement (Session 2018-19) 16-02-2021
3 Sports Achievement (Session 2017-18) 16-02-2021
4 Sports Achievement (Session 2016-17) 16-02-2021
5 Sports Achievement (Session 2015-16) 16-02-2021
6 Sports Committee (2016-19) W.e.f. 1/7/2016 16-02-2021
7 Sports Committee (2013-16) W.e.f.1/7/2013 16-02-2021