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School of Studies in Life Science


S.o.S. in Life Science

The School of Life Sciences is one of the important centers of study and research in the domain of biological sciences in Chhattisgarh. It offers postgraduate degrees in Bioscience, Microbiology and Biochemistry and attracts large number of students from all corners of the country. It also offers Five-Year Integrated M.Sc. Course in Bioscience and Microbiology. Its faculty members receive research grants from various leading funding agencies and guide number of students for their M.Phil. (Bioscience) and Ph.D.       degrees. It has facilities to carry out research work in various branches of modern biology. It has been the recipient of grants under DST-FIST and DRS-SAP schemes of DST and UGC, respectively.

Year of Establishment:

The School of Life Sciences offers following PG and Research Courses:

Year of Introduction
M.Sc. Bioscience 1977
M.Sc. Microbiology 1991
M.Sc. Biochemistry 2004
Five-year Integrated PG Course in Bioscience 2007
Five-year Integrated PG Course in Microbiology 2007
M.Phil. Bioscienc 1987 ? 1994, 2007 (reintroduced)
Ph.D. in Bioscience and allied subjects 1977

Refer Prospectus (hard copy or soft copy published in of the current year for the courses and their details, such as duration, specialization, number of seats available, course fees, project fees and eligibility etc.

Admissions: Admissions for all these courses are made in July every year. Course fee and eligibility are as per the prospectus of the University and are subject to change from time to time.   


Biochemistry Syllabus--July 2013- 2015-Credit Based System MSc Semester Microbiology 13-15 PhD_Course_Work_Biochemistry
PhD_Course_Work_Microbiology Scheme of Examination M.Phil. Bioscience 2013-2014 Scheme of Examination Ph.D. Course Work Bioscience 2013-2014
Scheme of Examination M.Sc. Bioscience 2013-2015 with Credit


Name Designation Qualification Specialization/Research Areas Contact
Dr. Vibhuti Rai Professor M.Sc., PhD Biochemistry, Microbial
enzymes, Vanadium toxicity


Dr. Atanu Kumar Pati Professor M.Sc., Ph.D., Diploma in Chronobiology (Paris) F.N.A.Sc. Chronobiology, Animal physiology & behavior, and Biodiversity
Dr. A.K. Gupta Professor
& Head
M.Sc., Ph.D.
Parasitology & immunology
Dr.S.C.Naithani Professor M.Sc., Ph.D. Germplasm conservation, Oxidative stress,  Seed biology
Dr. S.K.Prasad Professor M.Sc., Ph.D.;MZSI Endocrinology & Reproductive Physiology
Dr. (Mrs.) A. Poddar Reader M.Sc., Ph.D. Parasitology & Immunology
Dr. (Mrs.) Vijaya Koche Reader M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. Plant tissue culture
Dr. R.K. Pradhan Reader M.Sc., Ph.D. Biochemistry & Chronophysiology
Dr.(Mrs) Arti Parganiha Lecturer M.Sc., Ph.D. Chronobiology & Animal Physiology
Dr. K.K. Sahu Lecturer M.Sc., Ph.D. Plant Physiology & Stress Biology
Dr. (Ms.) Amiya Tirkey Lecturer M.Sc., Ph.D. Plant Pathology, Ethnobotany

Infrastructure facilities:

1. Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory 1
2 Glass House 1
3. Animal House 1
4. Chronocubicles 2
5. Net and Mesh House 1 each
6 Fenced garden area 11 acres
7. Fenced forest area 5 acres
8. Biomass Research field 15 hectares
9. Central Instrumentation 1
10 Cold room 1
11 Actiwatch (AW64) 8
12 Vital view system 1
13 Green house 2

Research Projects:

Investigator Title of the Project Period Funding Agency
Head, SLS 1. Standardization of nursery technology, establishment of germplasm bank and mass propagation studies for production of planting material for fuel wood species, 1992-97

2. Adaptability, productivity, selection and silvicultural studies including soil fertility changes studies, 1992-97

3. Identification, characterization, selection and response of efficient strains of rhizobia and mycorrhiza on fuel wood species, 1992-97

4. R & D studies on energy plantations, 1992-97

5. DST FIST 2001 -2005

6. DRS under special Assistance Progeam of UGC (Thrust Area: chronobiology) 2004-2007.







SM Agarwal 1. Immune response and certain biochemical aspects of chiekens during experimental Ancylostomiasis. 1979-1982

2. Survey and pathophysiology of economically important fishes parasitized by helminths, 1980-83

3. Pathophysiology and immunology of parasitic diseases of vector snails and fishes, 1986-90


SS Ali 1.Studies on amino acid metabolizing enzymes of fungal origin, 1990-93

2. Development of pleurotus mushroom technology, 1990-93

3. Biochemical and organizational difference between mezophilic and thermophilic actinomycetes, 1986-90


ML Naik 1. Limonological studies of river Kharoon with special reference to eutrofication, 1988-89

2. Water quality of Dandakaranya, 1994-96

3. Treatment and utilization of sullage of Raipur city, 1990-93


V. Rai 1. Vanadium toxicity in mammals, 1986-89

2. Biochemical assessment of van date ion during diabetes in mammalian system, 1991-96

SK Mishra 1. Evaluation of various rejuvenation techniques for micro propagation of teak, 1997-2001
2. Aromatic and medicinal plant resource center, 2003-05 

AK. Pati 1. Reproductive physiological and behavioral adjustment in a cave fish: a study on retrogressive/constructive evolution, 1987-89

2. Evaluation of repeated synchronizer phase-shift effects on growth, circadian rhythm and chronosensitivity to hormones in chickens, 1986-90

3. Impact of regressive evolution of circadian behavior: A comparative study of temporal organization in cave-adapted Nemacheilus evezardi and its ancestors, 1995-99

4. Determination of phase angle differences (Y) between the circadian locomotors activity rhythm and the zeitgeber in cave loach, Nemacheilus evezardi, 2000-02

5. Circadian time structure of shift workers: optimization of scheduling human shift-work, 1992-

6. Biodiversity assessment and conservation in Kotumsar cave, 1998-

7. Response of circadian clock of cave-dwelling hypogean loach and its epigean ancestor to nonphotic cues, 2001-2005








AK. Gupta 1. Pathology and histochemistry of parasitic diseases of fresh-water fishes, 1989-92

2. Bionomics and serological studies on Bancroftian filariasis at Raipur, 1997-99

3. Bionomics of Malaria Vector in Raipur region of Chhattisgarh State 2002-2004

4. Larvicidal potential of some weed plants against vectors of Malaria and Filaria 2003-2006



A. Poddar 1. Comparative physiological studies on two food fishes C. batrachus & H. fossilis, 1997-99

2. Survey and pathophysiology of plant diseases due to nematodes in Chhattisgarh, 2006-2009

GBKS. Prasad 1. Development of antigen based diagnostic tests in filariasis, 1991-93 DST
N. Gupta 1. Morphotaxonomic studies on the vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, 1991-93 DST
SC. Naithani 1. Control of viability in sal seeds: a physiological and biochemical approach, 1991-94

2. Physiology & biochemistry of dieback in sal (Shorea robusta) saplings, 1994-97

3. Aging in Neem seeds: Physiological and biochemical approach, 1995-98

4. Lipid peroxidation associated membrane perturbation during loss of viability in sal seeds, 1998-01

5. Handling and storage of recalcitrant and intermediate tropical forest tree seeds, 1999-02

6. Germplasm conservation of endangered plants through cryogenic storage biotechnology, 2006-09

7. AOS signaling in regulation of defense enzymes during germination of neem [Azadirachta indica] seed, 2006-09

8. Vitrification-based crypreservation protocols & techniques for some non-orthodox seeds of woody plants showing oxidative-stress induced cryoinjury, 2007-10











V. Koche 1. Studies on in vitro micro propagation of Terminalia arjuna, 1997-99

2. In vitro propagation in Buchanania lanzan Spreng.: A tropical fruit tree, 2004-07




A. Parghania 1. Circadian time structure of shift workers as a function of chronotype, 2002-2005 DST
K.K.Sahu 1. Molecular markers for characterization of dieback in sal (Shorea robusta) seedlings: Protein and antioxidant enzyme profile, 2006-2008 CCOST
Amiya Tirkey 2. Bibliography of Ethno botany of Chhattisgarh state ( India) Institute of Ethnobotany , Gwalior
A. Agrawal 1. Assessing the pest status of bagworms in Chhattisgarh region of Madhya Pradesh, 1999-01 DST
S. Sinha 1. Free living aquatic protozoa of Chhattisgarh region, 2001-2004 DST

Journals Published:

Editor's/Associate Editor's
Biome 0970-7581 SS Ali/ML Naik, V Rai & SK Mishra
Journal of Parasitology and Applied Animal  Biology 0971-2208 SM Agarwal/ AK Pati & AK Gupta

Symposia/Conferences Organized:

Name of Activity  


Convener/ Organizing Secretary

Date  & Year


1.      VII National Congress of Parasitology

SM Agarwal

December 26-28, 1986

2.      National Symposium on Recent Trends in Biological Sciences

ML Naik

July 18-20, 1994

3.      DST Group Monitoring Workshop in Animal Sciences


AK Pati

October 18-20, 1995

4.      Silver Jubilee Meetings of ESI & National Symposium on Behavior

AK Pati

December 28-30, 1996

5.      National Seminar cum Workshop on Assessment and Accreditation

AK Pati

June 7-8, 2002

6.      National Symposium on Innovations and Prospects in Life Sciences

V Rai , SK Mishra , AK Pati

December 14-16, 2002

7.      Second SERC School in Chronobiology

AK Pati

October 8-19, 2003

8.      XV National Symposium on Chronobiology

AK Pati

October 20-21, 2003

9.      National Colloquium on Cave Organisms and Adaptation

AK Pati

May 22-23, 2004

10.  National Symposium on Biodiversity: Current Status and Prospects

V Rai

October 17-18, 2005

11.  Trends and Techniques in Chronobiology: A Workshop

A Parganiha

March 20-25, 2006


1.       International Symposium on Current Status of Chronobiology            

AK Pati

November 24-26, 1990

2.       Innovations in Forest Tree Seed Science and Nursery Technology

SC Naithani

November 22-25, 1997

3.       XVII International Symposium on Biospeleology

AK Pati

November 25-30, 2004

Research Collaborations

Name of Institution


Type of Collaboration


1.      Hospital Paul Brousse, Villejuif, France

Under the auspices of ARTBC International, Paris

Collaborative work


2007 - Ongoing

2.      School of Studies in Chemistry, Pt. RSU, Raipur


ME & F

Collaborative work

3 months - 1992


3.      Department of Zoology, BHU, Varanasi


Collaborative work

1999 - Ongoing

4.      School of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Jiwaji University , Gwalior


Collaborative work

1996 - Ongoing

5.      University of Minnesota , USA    



International Project on the BIOsphere and the COSmos (BIOCOS)

2005 ? Ongoing

6.      Industrial Toxicology Research Centre, Lucknow


Collaborative work

2001 ? Ongoing

           Prof. A.K. Pati

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