Reaccredited by NAAC with Grade B (Grade Point 2.62)
School of Studies in Geography

                     The School imparts teaching at post graduate level in both physical and human geography. However, more emphasis is laid on different branches of human geography at research level .

Year of Establishment:

Courses Offered & Their Outline:
Course Duration Subjects Seats Course Fee Eligibility
M.A. 4 Semester

(2 Years)



4 Semesters From June'2006



Geomorphology; Climatology; Oceanography/ Geographical thought ; Advanced Geography of India; Economic Geography & natural  Resource Management; Population Geography; Settlement Geography, Regional Development & Planning, Remote Sensing Techniques & GIS, Field Survey & Practical. Syllabus 


Rs. 730.00/-per semester B.A. with Geography or B.Sc. with Mathematics, Geology or Chemistry
M.Phil 1 Year Research Methodology in Geography ; Modern concept  & Approaches in Geography , Practical & Dissertation Syllabus 10 Rs. 9075.00/- per Half year Post graduation in Geography with at least 55% marks
Ph.D. As per ord. 45 30 As per Univ. Rules P.G. with at least 55% marks, 5 % relaxation for ST/SC.Graduation Geography with at least 50 % marks.

M.A.: Merit basis; M.Phil. : Entrance Exam.

Name Designation Qualification Specialization/Research Areas Contact
Dr.(Mrs.) Z.T.Khan Professor M.A., Ph.D. Urban Geography, Settlement Geography, Regional Development & Planning 2262268 (R)
Dr. (Mrs) A. Baghel Professor & Head M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. Geography of Population 2262739 (R)
Dr. (Mrs) S. Sharma Professor M.A., Ph.D. Geography of Population 2263344(R)
Dr. N.K. Baghmar Reader M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. Geography of Resources 2282784(R)
Dr. (Mrs) Uma Gole Sr. Lecturer M. A., Ph. D. Agricultural Geography & Nutrition  
Dr. R.S. Keram Tech.Officer M. A., Ph. D. Agriculture & Nutrition  
Dr. C.R. Ratre Tech.Officer M. A., Ph. D. Social Geography,RS & GIS 2262306

Infrastructure facilities:

   1. Cartographic Laboratory.
  2.  Photographic Laboratory.
  3.  Computer facility.
  4.  Photocopying facility.
  5.  Surveying equipments.

  6.  Satellite Imageries, GPS, Remote Sensing Software
7.  OHP and LCD Projector.


Title of Project
Funding Agency
Co-investigators :
P.C. Agarwal
H.S. Gupta
M.P. Gupta
Fuel wood survey project at Raipur U.S. agency for international development 1985
A.R. Chandraker Assessment of soils in Chhattisgarh region (A pilot study of Kurud block District: Raipur) MAPCOST 1991-92
A. Baghel Fertility patterns among the scheduled castes & scheduled tribes in Raipur division: A geographical analysis UGC 2001
S. Sharma In-migration in industrial cities of Chhattisgarh with special reference to Bhilai and Korba cities UGC 2001
H. S. Gupta
A. Baghel
Infant Mortality in Rural Chhattisgarh UGC 2008

Symposia/Conferences/Workshops Organized:
Title Convener
Summer School in Regional Development Dr. P.C. Agarwal 1967
Workshop on Grading Prof. P.C. Agarwal 1976
Seminar on Concept Development Prof H.S. Gupta  
National Seminar on Geography & Resource Development Prof. P.C. Agarwal 1982
National Seminar on Laboratory Education in Social Sciences Co-convener
Prof. P.C. Agarwal
National Seminar on Tribal Situations in India Prof. S. Roy 1990
XV Indian Geographers' Meet (Fifteenth Annual Conference of Institute of Indian Geographers) on "Environment & Development" Prof. H.S. Gupta 1994
National Seminar on Environmental Issues & Management

Prof. H.S. Gupta (Director)
Dr. M.P. Gupta (Convener)

Dr. (Mrs.) Z.T. Khan

Workshop on Remote Sensing Technology & GIS Prof. M.P. Gupta (Director)
Dr. N. K. Baghmar (Convener)
Workshop on Fundamentals of Photography Prof. M.P. Gupta (Director)
Dr. N. K. Baghmar (Co-ordinator)
Workshop on Remote Sensing Techniques & Geographical Information System Prof. M.P. Gupta (Director), Dr. N.K.Baghmar , (Coordinator) 2005
Workshop on Remote Sensing Technology & GIS

Prof. M.P. Gupta (Director)

Dr. N.K. Baghmar (Convener)

C.R. Ratre (Co-convener)

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