Reaccredited by NAAC with Grade B (Grade Point 2.62)
P. G. D. C. A. (For Admission Please contact Affiliated Colleges)
P. G. D. C. A. - Sem. I

PGDCA 101 Introduction to Software Organization
PGDCA 102 Programming in C and C++
PGDCA 103 DBMS (SQL/Oracle)
PGDCA 104 Practical on PGDCA 103                         PGDCA 105 Practical on PGDCA 104

P. G. D. C. A. - Sem. II

PGDCA 106 GUI- Programming in Visual Basic
PGDCA 107 Prgramming in JAVA
PGDCA 108 Electives 1. Essential of e-commerce
PGDCA 109 Practical based on 106 & 107                PGDCA 110 Project
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